Jacob Kingsley is a bachelor in his thirties.

He wears the same clothes every day. He spends his nights playing GameBox and drinking beer. A talking fly with magical powers follows him around wherever he goes, but, other than that, he’s just a normal guy.

Bill the Fly, the first novel by Nate Gutman, is a trippy dark comedy dealing with relationships, modern life, and murder.

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Praise for Bill the Fly

I couldn’t put this book down. Both Jacob and his magical fly exhibit behaviors that are difficult to predict and constantly intriguing. The amazing recurring imagery paints a very vivid picture of the landscapes both around and inside the main character. A guaranteed delight of a read.
— Goodreads Reviewer
Every once in a while you wander across a book that is so different from what you are used to that it sort of wakes you up. I’m not sure, but I think this book will have a big audience.
— Amazon Reviewer
I read this whole captivating book in one sitting. It masterfully blends dark horror with light-hearted humor and a keen wit. The names of places and products were particularly funny. I was disturbed by how much I could relate to the less than virtuous protagonist. I would highly recommend this book and look forward to more by Nate Gutman.
— Goodreads Reviewer
Bill the Fly is a novella that finds humor in horror, and compassion in the depressed, miserable, and violent. In this, author Nate Gutman establishes for himself a strong, unique voice and perspective, and I look forward to other works by him.
— Goodreads Reviewer